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Build Your Bow Hunting Skills With Rinehart Targets

Whether you are looking to build strength and accuracy for your next hunt, or you just enjoy shooting velociraptors with your bow and arrow, these Rinehart targets are what you need. You can find an assortment of targets at the lowest prices when you shop on eBay.

Types of Rinehart targets

These are 3-D archery targets in varying shapes and sizes. There are traditional bullseye targets, target blocks, and wild game targets. Block targets are shaped like cubes and allow the most space to shoot upon. They are also marked with aiming dots and animal vital points. Traditional target shapes and target blocks allow for greater portability with features like carrying handles. You can even find targets shaped like dinosaurs, apples, baboons, fish, and snakes if you are looking to get adventurous. These are a few common game targets:

  • Wild turkeys
  • Antelope
  • Does
  • Moose
  • Bear
What are some features of these Rinehart targets?

These targets are made with Rinehart's trademarked self-healing foam, meaning that you hit them over and over and the foam will come back together. They are made similar in weight and height to the animals they resemble for the most realistic hunting practice. They also come in pyramid, cube, and sphere shapes. These targets have been tested in the harshest conditions, including blazing hot sunlight and below freezing temperatures.

Benefits of Rinehart's self-healing foam

Not only is it durable and weatherproof, its strong make up quickly stops even the fastest arrows. Since the arrows do not go so deep into the target, removing them is quite simple. No lubricants or pullers are necessary. Within 10 seconds of removing the arrow, the foam comes back together, and the target integrity is restored for the next draw. This special foam allows you to get more use out of your target than you would with a standard target.

What are target inserts?

Some targets have a section, usually near the vital organ area on a real animal, that can be removed and replaced once it wears down. These sections are called inserts and are also made of the self-healing foam. After a while, they will break down and you can simply replace the insert with a new one. This saves money because you do not have to purchase an entirely new target.

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