Expand Your Photographic Effects With a Macro Ring Flash

Canon manufactures several types of cameras and macro flash accessories that you may use. You may wish to use some of their Ring Lite products in macro photography or for fashion industry shoots in which you need close-up shots of your subjects. Understanding how macro flash rings work, what types there are, the effects they produce, and how to attach them may help you find the one that suits your photographic needs.

How do macro photography accessories work?

These devices have a particular set of specifications that set them apart from similar accessories like point light sources. While the precise features for each model can vary, they usually share some of these traits:

  • Circular design: The flash heads on these products form a complete circle that fits around the lens of your camera.
  • Even illumination: Since the macro light is close to the camera lens, it produces an illumination effect that is usually even and may help to remove shadows from the finished photograph.
  • Tubes: Diode lights or flash tubes usually produce the light necessary for the macro flash device to function.
  • Highlighting: You may be able to use a ring flash to highlight circular areas on your subjects face, such as those around the eyes.
What light types do macro accessories use?

Most of these Ring Lite devices use light sources that fall into two main categories:

  • LED: These units contain individual diodes around the flash head. Each one can provide light in the color of your choice once they have access to a current that helps them recombine with electron holes.
  • Xenon: This gas compound can produce illumination for photography after it has the proper chemical reaction.
How do you attach a ring flash to your camera?

While the specific steps for attaching one of these accessories can vary from model to model, you may be able to follow the steps below to attach one to your camera:

  • Press: Press on both sides of the device to activate the release levers.
  • Attach: With both levers still pressed down, attach the ring to the front of your camera lens.
  • Release: You can now release the levers on either side of the ring.
  • Check: Make sure the ring is fastened to your lens securely.
  • Rotate: You can turn the ring to adjust it if necessary.
What are some features of these rings?

If you are looking for any particular features for these macro devices, you may be able to find models with some of the following:

  • An LCD display screen.
  • Tilt and swivel.
  • Rapid-fire mode.
  • Wireless control.
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