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Rocket Espresso Machines

What power rating best suits your requirements?

When choosing your new Rocket espresso machine, you'll want to know about power rating. 600-899W espresso machines are built with basic controls, so you can effortlessly make your favorite hot beverage without any hassle. They are designed to use less energy when brewing coffee, making them perfect for more environmentally-conscious homes. 1200-1499W espresso machines have adjustable settings, upgrading your overall coffee-making experience. Featuring the ability to heat up faster, they get your coffee brewing in no time. They feature a high power rating, so you can make barista-quality coffee just like at your favorite cafe.

Make your beverage quickly or brew it the traditional way

From manual to automatic, these Rocket espresso machines will deliver fantastic-tasting coffee. Manual coffee machines are hand-operated, allowing you to practice your barista skills. They give you more power over the machine, so you can manage each step of the coffee-making process. Automatic espresso machines are made with built-in features, upgrading your overall coffee-making experience. They are easy to use, so you don't need to be a skilled barista to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Semi-automatic coffee machines have porta-filters, so you have complete control over how bold you want your espresso to be. They are generally able to make different types of drinks and allow you to program them to your personal preferences, so you can set it to quickly brew your favorite blend of coffee at your convenience.

Searching for bold or neutral tones?

Whether you're searching for a more cheerful look or something sleek, these Rocket espresso machines will complement any kitchen. White coffee machines have a luxurious look, so they will add a sleek touch to your home. They feature a minimalist design, helping you achieve a sleek kitchen decor. Designed with bold shades, orange espresso machines are ideal for brightening up your kitchen. They have comforting shades, which are great for complementing your kitchen decor. Black espresso machines are built with shades that are easy to match, making them a versatile option. They add a timeless touch to your kitchen countertops.