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Find Rolex Watch Boxes, Cases, and Winders to Meet Your Style Needs

Rolex makes elegant wristwatches, and if you own one of these timepieces, you'll need a way to keep your accessory safe. Pick a solution from among this assortment.

What types of Rolex cases are there?

The types of cases in this category are generally split into two categories. These categories are:

  • Cases: Cases for Rolex watches come in a variety of colors, including plain black. Depending on the model, these accessories may be constructed from leather, wood, or velvet.
  • Wristwatch winders: These types of cases are specifically designed for self-winding wristwatches. They are engineered to keep your timepiece in perpetual motion, and these accessories perform another vital function of winding the dial of your Rolex watch.
What is the purpose of a watch winder?

Traditionally, Rolex watches have been wound with a special dial on the side of the watch. However, as watch technology progressed, self-winding wristwatches were invented. These watches derive their necessary power from the perpetual and natural motions of the human wrist upon which they are equipped instead of you manually using the dial.

However, when these wristwatches are not in use, they do not benefit from the kinetic motion that they receive when strapped to your wrist. When you?re not using the watch, another source of kinetic energy is required. For this, you?ll need a watch winder box, which is a special class of accessories that sways back and forth with your wristwatch inside to simulate the motions of the human wrist.

How do you use a watch winder?

To use your watch winder box, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: If your winder runs on DC power, insert batteries. Otherwise, plug it into an AC wall socket.
  • Step 2: Insert your wristwatch into the winder.
  • Step 3: Retrieve your wristwatch when you're ready to wear it. If all went well, it will have remained wound.
Which Rolex watch models are compatible with these cases?

Generally speaking, the cases among these listings are compatible with any Rolex wristwatch. For instance, these cases are universally compatible with GMT-Master II, Submariner, Daytona, Day-Date, and Datejust models. However, some cases may be more fitting for certain models of Rolex watches. You may want to pick a case that matches the color scheme of your watch, or if you have an oversized watch, you may want to pick a larger case. You can find new and used cases on eBay.