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Sidi Women's Cycling Shoes

Sidi offers a collection of different women's bike shoes in fits designed for different terrains, including mountains and roads. The soles of many of the shoes offered are made from a carbon composite material. Colors and designs vary from depending on the specific shoe, featuring both single-color and patterned designs.

What materials are used in these shoes for women?

Women's products for bike riding feature different materials for the body of the shoes and the soles. The soles of the products are made of a carbon composite material, while the shoe body is constructed of a different material. Politex is used in many of the products for the shoe body. Politex is comprised of several different materials in layers, including PVC, knitted fabric, and felt. The material is made according to European regulations. For example, the Alba Women Black Carbon Road Bike Shoes offered feature a Politex body with Millenium 4 carbon composite soles. The carbon composite is composed of carbon in a network of nylon, designed to repel water and be stiffer than a nylon-only design. The Millenium 4 composite also features a heel pad which is made of polyurethane.

How are the products closed and secured to feet?

Women's bike products may feature two or three straps, depending on the product, to fit and secure the bike shoes. For example, the Alba Women's Black Carbon offering features two straps and a Techno-3 system dial for fit. The Nevada Road offering features three straps for fit and security. Whether a product features two straps and a dial or three straps varies from item to item. Certain products feature only dials for security, such as the Kaos Air product.

What shoe colors and designs are available?

Patterned designs of several different colors and designs consisting of one primary color are both offered by Sidi. For example, the Millenium III Women's Cycling shoes are offered in a three-strap design where the primary color is white. The brand logo appears over the top strap in black. An example of a multicolor design is the Genius 7 women's shoe which is offered in white and pink. White is used along most of the body of the product, while the pink is used on the toe and through the spacing between the straps of the product. Different color patterns are available as well, featuring a variety of prominent colors and patterned designs. Availability of different patterns and designs for an individual model varies between individual items.

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