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Take Your Work On The Go With Samsung Netbooks

Netbooks are similar to laptops and are primarily used for accessing the internet. Their low power consumption and light weight make them a good option for mobility, whether you are taking notes in class or working on a project during your morning commute. Samsung devices weigh around three pounds, and they have 10 to 12-inch screens.

What are some of the features of Samsung netbooks?

There are four main categories to consider when selecting a netbook:

  • Style: Samsung has a wide range of styles, including the ultra-slim N230, the retro N310, and the traditional N220.
  • Size: Display sizes can vary. The NC20 and the N510 are two of the larger options. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Keyboard: Most Samsung models work well for typists, and the older N120 model has a full-sized keyboard.
  • Connection: Newer models will come with faster Wi-Fi and built-in 3G.
How is a netbook different from a laptop?

Optical drives were once standard for laptops, but most have eliminated them due to the wide availability of downloadable and online software. As a result, laptops and netbooks are more alike than different. However, netbooks are still lighter and smaller in size, and their capacity for functions like streaming, gaming, or heavy-duty photo editing will be lower compared to a laptop.

How is a netbook different from other devices?

A notebook has similar computing capabilities to a laptop computer, while a netbook's main use is for accessing the internet. Tablets and notebooks both have similar uses and are portable devices, but the tablet does not have a traditional keyboard, making it more compact than a netbook. An ultrabook offers both a full-size keyboard and a traditional display.

What accessories go with Samsung devices?

When buying accessories, remember that they are not one-size-fits-all products. Each of these options must be compatible with the particular model of your netbook as well as your needs:

  • Mouse: Choices include wireless, Bluetooth, or compact.
  • Bag: Netbooks are designed to be portable. Bags offer protection and are best chosen to meet individual needs and convenience.
  • DVD drive: A portable DVD drive, although not usually needed, can be helpful when installing software from a disk.
  • Bundles: Bundles may include anything from software to flash drives, which are especially useful because most devices come with 1GB of memory. Flash drives range in size from 1GB to 128GB.
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