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How to Choose a Shortwave Portable Radio

Portable radios aren't just for listening to music. Sangean makes a variety of shortwave portable radios that are not only for pleasure, but that can be convenient in the event of an emergency. These shortwave radios are useful for a variety of applications, and they come with numerous features that make them user-friendly.

What Are the Types of Radios?

Sangean makes many types of radios, so finding the right one for your specific needs shouldn't take much effort, whether you need a radio for work or for home.

  • Portable radios, also called tabletop radios, are compact enough that you can take them anywhere. They come in varied sizes and styles, such as black leatherette designs or wooden radios that have a vintage look and feel. Some even include a handle for convenient carrying.
  • Shortwave radios meant for a job site have a more rugged, sturdy design. These utility radios have a handle as well as a dust-resistant style meant for more uses than everyday radios offer.
  • As a small, compact FM radio that's pocket or purse-friendly, a personal-sized shortwave design is slim enough to go with you anywhere but has many useful features, including AM/FM capability and a built-in headphone jack for private listening. These versions come in black or white shades.

What Are Some Features of Radios?

One of the deciding factors when you're looking for the right receiver is the features the device might offer. Every type of radio offered by this brand provides numerous features that may be important or even necessary to your specific needs, so consider features carefully when purchasing one of these electronic devices.

  • Job-site radios are meant to be sturdy, and this means they have features like water resistance, they're battery-powered, they have tuning buttons instead of tuning knobs, and they have an antenna to pick up the clearest signal for a particular frequency.
  • Some standard features of portable styles include a built-in speaker for top sound quality, as well as an alarm clock/timer. An external antenna can be adjusted to pick up specific frequencies, and it's clear to see which station you're on with an LCD screen.
  • A multiband radio, or world band radio, may have features that include coverage of shortwave and longwave frequencies for added versatility.

What Uses Do Shortwave Radios Have?

So, why would you buy a shortwave radio over other types of portable tuning devices that offer AM/FM frequencies? There are multiple uses for these types of radios that other devices may not provide.

  • Shortwave signals travel farther than traditional broadcasting FM signals do. This means that you can listen to content from as far away as the other side of the world.
  • Listening to world radio can open up all types of new content for you and your family to listen to, which can also be educational.
  • You can still use these radios to listen to traditional AM and FM content. Many styles have the option to set your favorite stations as preset buttons for quick access.