Sapphire Glass Watch Crystals

Sapphire crystals are used by makers of mid-range and luxury watches because of their durability. These crystals can be used as replacements for watches that require repairs. Replacement sapphire crystals can help you continue to enjoy your favorite timepiece.

What are sapphire glass watch crystals?

A watch crystal is the clear covering over the dial. Its purpose is to protect the dial from dirt, moisture, and physical damage. Sapphire glass is a type of high-performance manufactured material that is used in higher-end timepieces.

What is sapphire glass made out of?

While some sapphire watch crystals are made out of natural sapphire, many mass-produced and commercially available crystals are synthetic. They are manufactured to have the same chemical properties of genuine sapphire without the color. Sapphire watch glasses are made from aluminum oxide crystals. The crystals are heated at high temperatures until they become a liquid. As they cool, they fuse and become a solid mass. Because this process takes place in a cylinder, the result is a column of synthetic sapphire. This column is then sliced with a diamond cutter or laser to the desired thickness. Each sapphire crystal slice is shaped and polished to meet the specifications of the individual watch manufacturer.

What are the advantages of sapphire crystals?

Sapphire is very hard. It is rated 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness while diamonds are rated 10. This hardness makes the material extremely resistant to scratches and breakage. Sapphire is also quite clear, which is a particular advantage for crystals that have an anti-reflective coating on either the inner or outer surface. Because the clarity of the glass, these coatings do not make the dial appear blurred or hazy.

What sizes and shapes are available in sapphire crystals?

You can find replacement glass to fit almost any watch that originally came with a sapphire crystal. It is possible to upgrade a watch that has an acrylic or standard glass crystal, but these crystals work best with watches originally intended for sapphire crystals. Sapphire watch crystals can be found in a round shape with a beveled edge. They may have a flat or domed surface. If your watch has a tiny round magnifying window over the date and time, you can find a replacement that also has that feature. Other shapes, including rectangular, square, oval, and cushion, are also available. These shapes may be flat on both the top and bottom or flat on the bottom and domed on the top. Crystals come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Most fall within the range of 0.7 mm to 2.5 mm thick. They can vary from 16 mm to 40 mm in diameter. Be aware that a replacement may look slightly too big before it is installed on the watch, but the installation process compresses the crystal for a secure fit.