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Get Energized With Chocolate Shakeology Drinks and Snacks

Chocolate Shakeology is a protein shake that is filled with nutrients like probiotics, fiber, digestive enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins that are intended to fill any gaps in your diet to boost energy and endurance. Shakeology is provided by Beachbody, a fitness brand that offers a variety of workout programs. Shop eBay for affordably priced chocolate Shakeology protein powder.

Selecting the right type and size of Shakeology for your needs

When you're shopping for Shakeology, it's important to decide how much you want to get. If you have never tried it before, you may want to start with a sample pack, which is enough to make one shake. If you already know that you love Shakeology, or want to include it in your weight-loss or weight-maintenance regime, you can choose a 30-day supply. You might also want to try the brand's healthy snacks, such as their Crunchy Chewy Chocolate Cherry Bars.

Recognizing the differences between regular and vegan chocolate Shakeology

When you decide to purchase chocolate Shakeology, it's important to know the difference between the regular and vegan options. The regular one is whey-based, providing a creamier base to the shake. The vegan option is made with pea protein. It may also be easier on the stomach for those who have problems with dairy products. The micronutrients and overall flavor profile are otherwise the same for the two versions.

What flavors might be included?

Although you may be after chocolate Shakeology, you may find your favorite flavor in custom bundles on eBay that also contain samples of other flavors like vanilla, strawberry, Greenberry and Caffe Latte. The packets are typically enough to make one shake each with. Some bundles may also include a shaker for making your Shakeology every day.

Can you bake with Shakeology?

Chocolate Shakeology can be used to create more than just protein drinks. Various recipes are available to show you how you can make cookies, brownies, cakes, protein bars, and more with the powder. Depending on the recipe, you may be able to make four or more servings at a time with Shakeology, allowing you to get all of the same benefits as drinking a shake. Recipes that are commonly shared on Beachbody include.

  • Chocolate peanut butter oat bars
  • Peanut butter Shakeology cups
  • Cookie dough energy balls
  • Chocolate Shakeology pudding
  • Double chocolate no-bake vegan brownies
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