Shaw Carpet Tiles

Shaw carpet tiles offer an option for covering floors in high-traffic areas, commercial spaces, and homes. The tiles come in different sizes, and their edges are designed to resist fraying and unraveling. They can be used to decorate rooms of various sizes or used as accents similar to area rugs.

What are some features and uses of Shaw carpet tiles?

Carpet tile provides a way to obtain the features of Shaw wall-to-wall carpeting plus some extras, including:

  • Easy installation: Since carpet tiles are cut as individual pieces, you don’t need to struggle with a heavy roll of carpet. Tiles don’t require stretching or separate pads since the pad forms the base of the carpet tile. There’s also no need to use tack strips or staples to attach them to the surface.
  • Simple replacement: There’s no need to worry about wear, rips, stains, or spills when using Shaw carpet tile. Some people keep extra tiles on hand so that when they wear out in high-traffic areas, you can simply replace them one at a time. Heavy furniture often leaves permanent dents or dimples in carpeting. It’s easier to replace the tile than to eliminate the dents.
  • Versatility. You can combine different colors and styles to brighten up a room or make checkerboard designs for playrooms or game rooms.
How do commercial carpet tiles differ from residential ones?

Commercial carpets have a tighter weave and a shorter pile height. Commercial flooring has to stand up to more foot traffic and resist staining as well as more frequent vacuuming and cleaning.

You can use commercial-grade carpeting tiles anywhere you’d use standard-grade carpeting. Its padding is likely to be a bit thinner and the color selection more neutral than those of residential-grade carpeting.

How big are the carpet tiles?

Shaw provides the tiles in 12- and 24-inch squares as well as rectangles that measure 24 inches by 36 inches.

How do you lay out and install these tiles?

People with little to no experience with flooring can lay carpet tiles. Once you find the starting point in the room and prepare the surface, installation proceeds quickly. The tiles can be cut with a pair of scissors. They use self-sticking materials or adhesives that hold them in place but do allow for repositioning during and after the installation process.

What kinds of flooring will these tiles stick to?

Carpet tile will stick to plywood subfloors and existing vinyl flooring products. The floor may require special coatings when laying tile over concrete or particle board. These coatings enhance the bonding capabilities of the adhesive. Regardless of the original surface type, for the best results, the surface must be clean, smooth, and free of dust.

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