Everything You Need to Know About Shimadzu Spectrophotometers

As one of the leading global providers of analytical scientific equipment, Shimadzu stays current with the latest technological advances in the industry. This makes them a popular choice in laboratories that are looking for a spectrophotometer. The following information will help you find the right secondhand Shimadzu spectrophotometer for sale on eBay.

How spectrophotometers work

A UV VIS spectrophotometer is a scientific instrument that uses the absorption of light waves to measure the concentration of a substance that is in solution. UV VIS spectrophotometers work by emitting a beam of light with defined wavelengths that will shine through a cuvette that contains a solution. Once the light is shining through the cuvette, certain wavelengths will be absorbed more than others which then creates a spectral profile of the solution. From there, depending on the capabilities of the particular spectrophotometer, the data will either be processed as the user defined or be in a raw form for the user to manipulate as needed for analysis.

An IR spectrophotometer works similarly to a UV VIS machine, but instead of using the UV light spectrum they use infrared radiation. So in place of emitting a light beam, infrared radiation is emitted. Once the molecules in the sample have been excited by the radiation, the spectrophotometer then detects how much energy was absorbed and processes raw or user defined data.

What are some things to consider when looking for a spectrophotometer?

Finding the right spectrophotometer at an affordable price for your laboratory may seem daunting, but you can narrow down your options significantly by considering some of the following factors:

  • What wavelength range will your samples likely fall in?
  • What volume of sample do you intend to run at one time?
  • How much precision does your analysis require?
  • How do you plan to control the instrument and collect data from it?
  • What is your budget for the instrument?
  • Would your experimentation benefit more from UV VIS spectroscopy or IR spectroscopy?

What are some examples of some different spectrophotometers provided by Shimadzu?

Shimadzu has a range of choices, including both infrared spectrophotometers and UV VIS options. Some choices include:

  • Among other Shimadzu IR spectrophotometer options, the Shimadzu ftir 8400s spectrophotometer is elite with one of the latest alignment systems that allow for very consistent and reliable data without needing manual adjustments.
  • The Shimadzu UV VIS 1800 double beam spectrophotometer can be used as a standalone unit and has USB connectivity available.
  • The Shimadzu UV 160a spectrophotometer is an all in one machine, and since it is an older model you can get it at a fraction of the Shimadzu spectrophotometer UV 1800 price.

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