Made in America: Shinola Watches for Men

Shinola is a lifestyle brand founded in 1870 as a shoe polish company. In 2011, the company was moved to Detroit, USA. The company retails fashion and luxury goods such as watches, bicycles, and leather. The brand has been producing Quartz watches with electrical and automatic sets. Shinola launched its timepieces in 2013. Runwell Argonite 5021 was among the first collection made by the company. The collection was a success, and since then, the brand has produced innovative designs expanding their product line. The brand produces more than 500,000 watches annually.

What are the major collections of Shinola watches for men?

Since 2011, Shinola has produced a wide array of watches for all ages. The brand maintains high levels of craftsmanship and technological innovation. Here are some of the leading collections from the brand.

  • Runwell Automatic: The Runwell Automatic Collection is an ode to automation. The collection has been created with the utmost intimacy and precision. The watches do not have a built-in battery. The timepiece generates energy from wrist movements and has a 38-hour power reserve. This collection is a true testament to automatic watch movements.
  • Monster Automatic: The Monster Automatic Series is dedicated to divers and water lovers. This collection has four timepieces that are perfect for underwater exploration. This collection takes into account all the needs of divers and deep-water explorers. The watches can withstand water pressure to up to 1000 feet. They have a SuperLuminova and sapphire crystal for visibility in dark waters.
  • Detrola: Detrola is the recent collection of the brand. This lightweight timepiece is excellent for people who love new things. The accessories used in the watch incorporate high accuracy and precision movements. The dial has the hour, minutes, seconds, and a calendar aperture. The K1 crystal is hard, durable, and resistant to scratches. The watch has silicon straps that make it stylish and colorful.
What is the movement of these watches?

Shinola watches have automated movements for accurate timekeeping. Each watch comes with automated commands that give you long-lasting durability. The Swiss automatic movement of the watches has a date, hour, minute, and seconds function. The watches are fitted with 26 jewels, reducing friction and maintaining accuracy.

Are Shinola watches till in production, or have they been discontinued?

Shinola still produces these magnificent watches for men. The watches are stylish and sturdy. As a watch enthusiast, Shinola is coming up with new techniques and innovations to give you the best product. To follow up on new products, check the manufacturer’s website.

Runwell watches vs. Argonite 5021 vs. Filson watch

Compare the following models of watches.

Runwell watches Bulova watches Filson watch
Band color Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Gray, Multicolor Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Silver, Gold, Gray Black, Brown, Green, Orange
Band material Canvas, Ceramic, Faux Leather, Gold Plated, Leather, Rubber, Nylon Alloy, Aluminum, Silver, Brass, Canvas, Ceramic, Faux Leather, Gold Plated, Leather, Metal, Rubber Canvas, Leather, Metal, Nylon, Rubber, Stainless Steel
Movement Mechanical (Automatic), Mechanical (Manual), Quartz Mechanical (Automatic), Mechanical (Manual), Quartz Quartz
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