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Similac Baby Bottle Nipples So Everyone Sleeps Better

Parents want their baby to rest comfortably at night so everyone gets adequate sleep. Sometimes, reaching that goal can be as simple as choosing the right bottle nipples. Similac designs nipples, ready to use out of the box, that regulate air intake to ward off late-night tummy aches.

How Do I Choose Bottle Nipples?

Nipples are sized to match your growing baby. For example, children from birth to 6 months need ones with a smaller size hole. The milk flows at the right rate from the bottle during feeding while limiting the amount of air sucked in. As your baby continues to grow, choose a larger size to accommodate changes in sucking styles and milk consumption. Likewise, disposable nipples cut down on the possibility of growing bacteria and are ready-for-use when needed. Once used, they can be disposed of.

What Kinds of Bottle Nipples Are Available?

  • Premature: When babies arrive early, these latex-free nipples help them develop sucking strength. They are individually packaged to include rings compatible with the company's baby bottles.
  • Infant: Designed for full-term babies, the baby feeding aid teaches your infant how to latch onto the nipple. The nipple and ring form a seal to keep the formula from leaking out. Working women who breastfeed store their milk and depend on the feeding system when they're away from their children.
  • Slow Flow: This nipple helps babies adjust who have trouble coordinating sucking, swallowing, and breathing. The flow rate is more controlled to help the child relax when learning how to drink from a bottle.
  • Orthodontic: Newborns switching from breastmilk to baby formula adjust easier using this style, which is shaped similar to a natural breast. In addition to ventilation holes that regulate the amount of air, the orthodontic nipple helps teeth develop naturally.

Does Similac Offer Any Suggestions for Proper Use?

The manufacturer warns against using the feeding supplies as pacifiers due to the associated choking hazard. Another possible cause of choking would be to reuse the nipples, which could deteriorate and separate into small pieces. Moreover, if the child isn't feeding normally, the company recommends switching from a standard bottle to ones with a bent shape. Sometimes using a different bottle can reduce stomach gas and accompanying fuzziness. Additionally, you can choose nipples with slow, medium, and fast flow rates when trying to find a happy balance for your child.

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