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Whatever your music needs are, whether you want something that is small, lightweight, and portable, or something more substantial that can turn into a true entertainment system, Sony makes several different music players in red. With sound systems that have accents of red, to full-blown boomboxes that are drenched in that color, red enthusiasts will surely have their pick of music players.

What Type of Sony Stereos Are Available in Red?

  • Stereos. Available in a candy apple red, these larger music boxes, usually have built-in speakers, an amplifier and various audio outlets such as an AM/FM tuner, cassette player, and CD player as well as several other features such as sounds inputs and outputs, like a headphone jack, and playback features. These red stereos are not typically portable, and they can play a part in creating an entire entertainment surround sound system. Often times you can control them via a remote control instead of working the controls directly on the stereo. 
  • Boomboxes. Boomboxes are a more portable means of listening to music wherever you go. These boomboxes came in several colors including bright red. They were also available as a CD boombox or had cassette capabilities, either playing one or two cassettes. Portable boomboxes often ran on batteries, not needing to plug in.
  • Portable CD Player. These audio devices come in conjunction with the popularity of CDs. Small and compact, they play one CD at a time with great sound quality. They also have playback capabilities.

What Other Types of Audio Equipment Is Available in Red?

  • Headphones. If youre favorite color is red, you can add any colorful accent to your entertainment ensemble with bright red headphones. These are an inexpensive accessory and easy to find in many shades of red from bright and bold, to muted, metallic, sparkly, and patterned.
  • Speakers. These make a great addition to any boombox or stereo system, to add a pop of color and enhance the audio experience. Speakers can run the gamut of whats available including, portable mini speakers to large shelf speakers. Depending upon your need and cost investment, there are many types of speakers that can work within your budget.
  • MP3 Players. Some of the newer music players play MP3 formatted songs which are directly downloaded from the internet and can be compiled onto these MP3 players. These have all the functions of a regular stereo system along with a headphone jack. 
  • Radios. Some of the "old school" radios came in a bright red that had a tuner for either FM radio or AM. These are usually battery operated with an adjustable antenna to reach the required frequency and signals.

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