Steelbook Movie Blu-ray Discs

Collect Your Favorite Steelbook Blu-Rays

Steelbook-edition Blu-Rays are often sought after by collectors due to their tough exteriors, unique artwork, and various exclusives. Your movie collection might not be complete until you get your favorite flick's steelbook edition, so keep reading to learn more about these collectible items.

Do steelbooks have extra features not found in regular Blu-rays?

The features of any steelbook will vary depending on the movie. The biggest difference you'll find is that the case is made of metal, as opposed to the plastic most movie discs are packaged in. However, these releases are often considered special editions, so you can also find:

  • Custom art for the movie cover
  • Codes for digital copies of the movie
  • Extra movie scenes and interviews
  • 3D and 2D options
  • Inserts with exclusive artwork
  • Additional DVD discs
Is there a difference between G1 and G2 cases?

G1 and G2 refer to the overall dimensions of the movie case. A G1 is the same dimensions as a standard DVD case, while a G2 is the same dimensions as a standard Blu-ray case. Some of the older steelbook Blu-rays are available in the G1 size, while almost all new ones are released in the G2 size. The G2 size will also be the same size as any Xbox, PS3, or PS4 games you may have. Regardless of size, the level of artwork and case design quality remain the same.

When should you get a steelbook set?

When shopping for movies, you may be able to choose between box sets with multiple Blu-rays or individual cases with a single movie inside. A set can be a good choice when you are a fan of the franchise and plan on buying multiple movies from the franchise. This ensures that all the artwork for the various discs matches and coordinates with each case. Another benefit is that the cost per disc often ends up being cheaper than buying each disc individually. Some of the box sets may also have more features and information in the booklet that comes with the set.

What are steelbooks made from?

The name of this type of movie holder is actually a factual statement, not just a description. The metal cases are really made from steel. Steel is a metal known for being quite strong and resistant to corrosion. Just keep in mind that it may rust when exposed to moisture, and it is a type of metal that will attract magnets.

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