Step Stool Ladders

While there are times when a tall ladder or significantly raised platform is needed for your various projects, a step ladder is great for many situations around the house and even in the workplace. From accessing storage space on high shelves in the kitchen to using a folding step stool to reach items stored in the upper reaches of your garage, you can benefit from the use of a two- or three-step ladder. When selecting the right step ladder to use in your home or office, consider how durable and sturdy the step stool is for the unique purposes and functions that you have in mind.

What type of step stool is right for general usage?

One of the more common reasons why people buy an elevated-platform or shorter ladder is to access storage areas at home or work. However, a sturdy platform that can hold your weight, such as a folding step stool, may also be used for some types of repair work, maintenance tasks, and more. There may be numerous areas that you cannot reach without standing on a stool, and the folding nature and portability of this type of stool is good for those times.

How much weight should a folding step stool support?

Each folding step stool has a specific weight limit that it is capable of supporting. Determining how much you or others who may use the step platform weigh is a critical first step. You can then compare this to the weight limitation of each product that you are thinking about buying.

What material should a step ladder be made out of?

When you are shopping for a new step ladder or step stool to use at home, at work, or in any other area, you want to choose a ladder or stool that has a suitable weight limit for your needs, and the material that it is made out of can play a major role in this. Typically, aluminum, rubber, and other strong materials are used in these ladders. Regardless of whether you buy an aluminum ladder or another type of stool to step on, consider where you will store it before you make a purchase.

What is a good height for a folding step stool?

A typical raised platform or step product may have at least one step, but it could also have two or three. When a step stool will be used indoors, you can generally consider the height of the person who will use it against the height of the ceiling. Ideally, the person standing on the top step will be able to access all elevated storage areas and other features in the home or workplace. However, it should not be so large that you cannot store it conveniently in the space that you have available.