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Switchcraft Guitar Knobs, Jacks, and Switches

As a precision instrument, the guitar requires regular maintenance that may include replacing some of its parts. The guitar components that might need to be replaced include knobs, jacks, cables, plugs, and switches. Parts suppliers, such as Switchcraft, provide standard replacement units.

What guitar knobs and switches can you replace?

Guitar knobs and switches can be found in the body, near the bridge and control boards of the instrument. These parts perform a variety of functions. A typical instrument has three knobs that are used to select the desired function, such as turning the tone or volume up or down. Switches can be used to select which type of sound pickup youll use for a particular song. With the switch selector, the player can adjust the bass or treble. A toggle-switch unit includes electrical components and mounting hardware that can be replaced.

For more than seven decades, Switchcraft has produced knobs, jacks, switches, and other instrumentation products. Switchcraft jacks, knobs, plugs, and switches are made from different types of materials, including chrome, plastic, brass, nickel, and wood. You can find parts in colors ranging from amber and ivory to black and white. Switchcraft also has options for knobs and switches that are system-compatible with major brands.

Can you replace guitar jacks with Switchcraft parts?

Yes. Instrument jacks are external components that connect the unit to an amplifier. Switchcraft has jack options that include basic mono, which has general-unit compatibility. Other jack options from Switchcraft include their gold and gold-plated units. To complete the replacement process, you can use a Switchcraft audio-jack set that has options for threaded collars that attach to the body of the instrument. That is the part where the jack plugs into the system.

Can you change out knobs, switches, and jacks?

Instrument knobs, jacks, and other parts can be replaced with new ones when required. Switchcraft units can be used to maintain the tone and volume control of the instrument. For those who like a custom look for their knobs, they can use Switchcraft parts to change out the color or style of those components. Knob options include the following:

  • Toggle - Toggle knobs project like an arm from the body of the instrument. The arm switches instead of turns, enabling the player to choose functions. The toggle switch usually controls the pickup-selector function of the instrument. Switchcraft has three-way toggle units that work with two pickup models.
  • Dome - This knob style looks like its namesake. The dome piece can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise, according to the needs and preferences of the player. The dome knob is used to determine the desired tone or volume level for the music being played.
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