Stash Tea

Tea drinking has a history dating back thousands of years. Stash Tea Company, based in Tigard, Oregon, offers various types and flavors of tea leaves from eight specific regions of the world. The company also offers tea sets, kettles, presses, and other accessories for making and serving tea.

What are some of the different types of tea?

There are six main types of tea, each with several flavor options. Stash Tea products come in many different flavors that get a boost from added ingredients. They also sell herbal infusions, which are not made from actual tea leaves but are prepared the same way using other dried substances, like roots, herbs, and berries. Yellow and Pu-erh teas are among the least common types as their leaves take the most time to prepare. The other types of tea are:

  • Black: These leaves look completely withered and dried out. When brewed, these leaves produce a light brown tea with a bold flavor.
  • Green: Because these leaves are not completely dried out, this tea has a mild, earthy flavor and light color.
  • Oolong: This tea has a flavor profile that falls between black and green tea.
  • White: Similar to green tea, this has a mild flavor that is often sweeter and smoother than other teas.
How does Stash Tea come packaged?

Stash Tea products vary based on the way the tea is meant to be made. The company makes ready-to-use teabags that come with 12 or more bags in each box. These allow you to make a cup of tea by simply dipping a bag in a mug of hot water until it develops the flavor you desire. Stash Tea also offers bags of loose leaves for brewing in a teapot or mug with a strainer.

Do Stash Teas have caffeine?

Most teas have some amount of caffeine, but that amount is usually significantly less than what's found in coffee. Stash Tea offers a variety of decaffeinated teas from which most of the caffeine has been removed. However, a small amount does remain. The exact quantity is difficult to determine because it depends on the particular characteristics of an individual plant.

Is Stash Tea certified organic?

Some of their teas are classified as organic; these products do not include artificial flavors or substances, and the leaves were not grown with fertilizers or other chemicals. Both Stash Tea and their organic-farm partners are certified by Quality Assurance International and the USDA to show that all organic practices are in place. Many of these teas are also certified by Fair Trade USA, which verifies that workers were paid fairly for making the products.