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A Guide to Tecumseh Lawn Mower Carburetors

Tecumseh manufactures a wide range of parts used in lawn mowers, such as carburetors and other components. Carburetors play an important part in your mower's engine operation. The Tecumseh carburetors available are compatible with many common mower brands.

What is a carburetor?

A carburetor moves gas from the tank and mixes it with air to power the mower's engine. It features a filter that helps to keep dirt and dust from entering the motor. A carburetor will have a metal bowl that is used to hold the gasoline when it moves from the gas tank.

How do you select a carburetor for your Tecumseh mower?
  • Gather lawn mower information: The model number is stamped on the face of component. The model number will help you with identifying compatible parts for your lawn mower.
  • Select a brand: You can choose between aftermarket and OEM replacement parts.
  • Select components: You can choose from individual components or choose from full assemblies that are compatible with your lawn mower.
What are the different components of a lawn mower carburetor?
  • Gasket: This component provides a seal to connect two components and prevents fluids from leaking.
  • Primer bulb: A primer bulb moves gas from the fuel tank into the carburetor by creating a vacuum. This allows the engine to be primed and ready for starting.
  • Float: This component is located in the float chamber and controls the amount of fuel that enters the chamber.
  • Filter: This component lies inside the air intake part of the carburetor and keeps out dirt and other particles that could contaminate the engine.
  • Spark plug: This part creates a spark that ignites the fuel. It features a center and firing electrode that allows the spark to travel.
What types of air filters are available?
  • Foam: This type allows dirt to build up on the outside of the filter and absorbs oil in the cells. You can clean foam filters when the filter becomes dirty.
  • Paper: These filters use thick layers of paper in order to trap dirt and debris. Over time, you can replace the paper filter with a fresh one.