Time Trial/Triathlon Bike Frames

Time Trial Triathlon Bicycle Frames

These triathlon bike frames are designed to be used for a range of individual or team racing that include time trials and the bike portion of a triathlon. These bike framesets are manufactured by a wide array of brands that include Specialized, Diamondback, Principia, and Javelin. These road bikes come in many different sizes that range from 47 centimeters to 62 centimeters to fit riders of several different sizes.

Which materials are these bike frames made from?
  • Alloy: This is a type of metal that is created through the combination of at least two metals, which are usually those of aluminum and magnesium when it comes to bike frames.
  • Steel: This is a hard alloy that consists of both carbon and iron and comes in a color of gray or bluish-gray. There are various different types of steel that can be used in the creation of bicycle frames, such as stainless steel and weathering steel.
  • Titanium: This is a hard metal that comes in a silver-gray color and has a low density. It is sometimes used with other metals to create an alloy.
  • Carbon fiber: This is a type of material that consists of filaments of carbon that are thin and crystallized. It is used mostly as an accompanying material that is combined with other metals during the creation of a bike frame.
What are some colors available with these bike frames?

These road bike frames are available in a wide range of colors that include silver and white. Some of the more common color options available to you include blue, green, black, orange, red, and yellow. You can also find frames that consists of multiple colors with combinations like red and white, and green and black.

Which brake types are these frames compatible with?
  • Caliper-side pull: These types of brakes are comprised of two curved arms that extend around the rim of the tire and hold the brake pads on both sides. When the lever of the brake is pressed, the pads will push against the rim to stop the bike.
  • Caliper-center pull: This type of brake consists of symmetrical arms that hold the brake pads in place. The symmetrical positioning allows the tension of the cable to be evenly distributed among both arms to ensure that each pad presses properly against the rim.
  • Direct-linear pull: This type of brake system consists of two lengthy arms that are situated on both sides of the bike wheel. One arm contains the cable housing to the brake lever while the other is connected to the cable itself.
  • Cantilever: This is a type of brake system where each of the two brake arms is comprised of a brake shoe and cable attachment. The pivot that is connected to the frame is positioned just below the brake shoe.