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Easily Look Stylish With Affordable Timex Watches

Timepieces were invented in the 16th century. They first began as pocket watches, while the first wristwatches were invented in 1812. Their ticking mechanism was manual mechanical, later including or replacing it with self-winding or automatic mechanical and quartz-powered digital movement.

What's the history of Timex?

U.S.-based company Timex originated from The Clock Co. in 1854 to compete against high-end, expensive European watches as well as Casio watches and Fossil watches. It offered lower-priced watches that stayed with the times, becoming famous in the United States and well-known around the world. It was in 1914 when wristwatches got into widespread use and were no longer thought of as simply unmasculine jewelry. While the first Timex wristwatches were a line of nurses' watches during WWII, 1950 saw the first civilian wristwatch. Now, watch aficionados commonly start with the brand for its widely available, affordable, and chic watches.

Are Timex watches still produced in the United States?

Timex closed its last U.S. watch manufacturing plant in 2001 after having moved to the Phillippines some years ago but retained its headquarters in Connecticut. The company has expanded into making heart-rate monitors, GPS devices, and managing several sub-brands under its corporate umbrella.

However, certain premium versions of its U.S.-made watches are still available. One is the American Documents watch, a line featuring Swiss quartz movement and indigenous cherry cases.

What styles of military watches does Timex offer?

Timex has several military watch models available that are functional for a variety of outdoor tactical and adventure activities, including the Expedition line. They feature camo combined with bold or dark colors and durability for a rough, masculine look. They also feature essential functions such as alarms, chronograph, countdown or lap timer, date, and timezones.

Different color versions of the same model are available. Each model has different features and a unique strap or bracelet, such as leather, silicone, fabric or slip-thru fabric strap, fabric fast wrap, and stainless steel bracelet.

What are some common features of Timex watches?

All Timex watches feature Indiglo, an exclusive light-up watch dial. It uses an electroluminescent panel as a backlight for use in low light conditions on both analog and digital watches or combined with a negative display on some digital watches. As for other features, they vary depending on the watch model, such as the inclusion of both analog and digital watches.

Timex T49612 Expidition Trail Casio Pathfinder PAG241-1CR Fossil JR1517 Nate Compass Chronograph
Case diameter & material 48 millimeters/Resin 51 millimeters/Resin 50 millimeters/Stainless steel
Band width & material 14 millimeters/Resin 18 millimeters/Resin 24 millimeters/Metal
Water resistance 200 meters 100 meters 50 meters
Movement Digital quartz Digital quartz Analog quartz
Compass/GPS Compass Compass Compass
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