Toyota Car and Truck Lights and Indicators

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Toyota Car and Truck Lighting and Lamps

Whether you drive a Prius, a Tacoma, or a Sienna, your Toyota will likely need new lights at some point. Don’t let the road in front of you darken; purchase lights to fit every model and model year and keep your Toyota truck or car ready to travel at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a new set of LED headlights or a new dome light for your car’s interior, keeping your lighting current, safe, and replaced when necessary will ensure a worry-free ride no matter what the weather is like or how dark it is. There are many types of Toyota lights available, so get up to speed on lighting options before you buy.

Lights and Light Covers

Buying Toyota car lights or Toyota truck lights can be tricky, because you may notice that some lights come with light covers. What does this mean? A light cover is simply the exterior plastic part of the headlight or taillight. So, if your Toyota truck light still works but you’ve cracked the outside housing, you can purchase a separate light cover. Purchasing lighting parts separately can save money if you only need one light cover, or one headlight or taillight. Though many lights are sold in pairs, you can purchase one by itself if necessary. Check the model and model year of your car before buying lights or light covers to ensure a perfect fit, then decide whether you require projector lights, HID lights, or LED lights. Each bulb style has its benefits, and some styles may cost less than others.

Driving and Fog Lights

If you and your Toyota are a bit adventurous, or you live in an area where rain and fog is pervasive, you may want to invest in driving or fog lights. Driving lights keep highway travel safe by adding extra illumination that your regular Toyota lights don’t provide. If you frequently travel the highway at night, these lights simply improve your visibility and keep things clear ahead. Fog lights are specially made to enable drivers to ‘see through’ cloudy, hazy fog and make driving in this type of weather safer and simpler. Investing in fog lights can not only keep you safe, but it can enable other drivers to see you as well, which can provide much peace of mind on those rainy, stormy, cloudy days and nights.

Lighting Assemblies

You may wonder when you are looking for Toyota lights what a lighting assembly means. An assembly means that this Toyota light comes with everything you need to replace a headlight. Assemblies may include bulbs, covers, and fitments, but not the tools required to install the lights. When you purchase OEM lighting assemblies that match your Toyota’s model and model year, you can be sure that the part will be a perfect fit. It’s best to buy new lights, and check that the bulb style is the one you desire. Replace an old assembly or upgrade your headlights to a newer, more modern design and bulb.