Travel Garment Bags

Store Your Favorite Clothes Safely Using Garment Bags

Garment bags can provide you with an easy and convenient way to hang or to transport suits or other clothing that you may wish to handle with extra care. You'll find a nice range of affordable soft cases or covers for sale on eBay that you can use as travel garment bags. Exploring some of the main features of these bags can help you select the options that work for you.

How do you find materials for your suit storage cases?

Travel bags for clothing come in different materials that you can choose from on eBay. You may wish to select a particular material based on its available color palette or texture. Here are some of the more common types of garment bags you will come across:

  • Leather - For a classic look and a soft case, you can choose a bag that uses leather or faux leather components in its construction. Suede or faux suede materials are also available at reasonable prices.
  • Plastic - Plastic can provide a lightweight yet durable case for your garment bag in a variety of fun patterns or colors.
  • Canvas - If you prefer a lightweight and soft case that is inexpensive and that can be dyed with different designs, a canvas bag might be a good fit for you.
Should you consider used suit storage cases?

You can find both brand-new and secondhand garment bags for clothing on eBay. If you are looking for a particular material or pattern that you would like to have, it makes sense to check out the section for used bags to maximize your options. Should you need to purchase several garment bags for bulk suit storage, buying them as pre-owned items could help you get what you need at one low price point that matches your budget.

What are common features of garment bags?

A cover or bag for a suit can have several features that make it convenient or useful to you. You can use eBay to select the features that match your needs. Here are just a few of the usual features that you may want to consider:

  • Locks - Covers can have locking mechanisms that act as anti-theft devices. If you are traveling with your garments and need to leave them somewhere for any reason, this feature might be helpful.
  • Expansion - If you need to take a bag with you and carry it on a plane or other transport with limited space, selecting a cover that can change sizes may be useful.