Travel Locks

Travel Locks

Travel locks will allow you to lock your luggage. When you have valuables in your bag, its a good idea to have a travel-style lock in place. A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lock will make it simple for airport or border security to open your lock without having to cut it off.

Why should locks be used on luggage?

If you have bags containing valuables, you might want to use luggage locks. These will allow you to secure your bags so they cannot be unzipped. It also helps prevent them from becoming accidentally unzipped during handling. With a luggage lock, unauthorized airport employees and anyone else who might come into contact with your bag cannot easily access the contents.

What are TSA-approved locks?

TSA locks are approved by the Transportation Security Administration. They are luggage locks that TSA authorities can open with a master key and re-secure. If you have ever had a lock cut at the airport, it is likely because TSA was not able to get inside. As part of the security in an airport, TSA has the right to look inside your bag to prevent various problems. If you choose a device that is not a TSA-approved lock, they will have no choice but to cut your lock, preventing you from being able to lock your luggage again until you get a new combination lock.

What are the different features?

You should take the time to identify the different travel locks available. Many have unique features that provide both durability and security when you travel.

  • Key/Combination: Different luggage locks have different ways to secure them.
  • Cable: Some TSA locks have a cable that will allow you to secure multiple zippers with a single closure.
  • Sets: You can buy multiple luggage locks at once.
How should you choose a luggage lock?

When you want to be able to secure your baggage and still give TSA a way to open it without cutting the closure when you travel, you need to find a TSA-approved lock. Knowing how to navigate the selection will make it easier for you to get a lock that you can rely on for securing your bags when you travel.

  • Color: TSA locks are available in an array of different colors beyond black.
  • TSA-approved: You have to make sure that the locks are actually approved by the administration. A lock will typically feature a red-diamond symbol to show that it is TSA-approved.
  • Mechanism: Look to see whether it is a combination lock or a padlock.
  • Number: Determine how many travel locks you actually need.
  • Features: Review the features included within the different TSA locks.