Unbranded Portable Camping Toilets & Accessories

Enjoy the outdoors with the knowledge you have access to relieve yourself anywhere you travel with a portable camping toilet. Outdoor adventures, like camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting, can be more comfortable with these convenient options. Be prepared for any outdoor situation with a camping toilet suited to your needs, and know about all the necessary and luxury accessories available.

Why is a portable toilet beneficial?

Camping, long road trips, or general travel can mean not being able to access a toilet at an urgent moment. When the urge to expel waste from your body occurs, a portable option means having access to a comfortable seat and privacy in seconds. They can be folded flat for easy carrying and storage and all the supplies can easily be packed with backpacking or camping gear. With a portable camping toilet, you have your own private seat no matter where you are in the world.

What are common portable toilet options?
  • Porta potty: A porta potty is a portable building just large enough to fit one toilet. A door is fixed on one side, which can be locked. These are accessible and useful long-term choices for camping grounds, construction sites, events, and frequent travel.
  • Portable urinal: Portable urinals are designed to take up less space and offer quick turnover.
  • Bucket toilet: A simple bucket with a toilet seat fixed to the top is a ready-made portable option.
  • Chemical toilet: Designed with high turnover or lengthy timeframes in mind, these often have a flushing mechanism. The waste is emptied into the tank when flushed and chemicals are circulated throughout the bowl for cleaning purposes.
What are common camping toilet accessories?

A toilet seat is often built into a portable toilet, but there are other necessary or luxury items to consider in order to improve what should be a private experience.

  • Woman’s urinating devices: These are designed to be used when standing, with a cup, funnel, and hose, and are known as female urinals or stand-to-pee (STP) devices. They are also useful when you want to avoid sitting on an unclean toilet seat or only have access to a wall urinal.
  • Waste bags: Keep a portable toilet clean and free from odor-causing bacteria with a bag that can be emptied each time. Buy bags based on the gallon size of the toilet bowl or bucket and confirm the bag will fit the seat.
  • Toilet tent: Many laws prohibit relieving yourself in open outdoor situations. A popup or collapsible tent just large enough to house you and the toilet ensures no law is violated on your travels or during camping.
  • Chemicals: These will improve the cleanliness and smell of a portable chemical toilet.