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V-MODA Headphones

V-MODA headphones provide you with the ability to listen to music, movies, or a variety of other media, with numerous features designed to help bolster your listening experience. V-MODA offers a wide range of both wired and wireless headsets. These headphones come in many different shapes, including a neckband, headband, ear-hook, and earbud device, allowing you to select the option that is comfortable for you.

What are some features of these headphones?

The exact feature set of these headphones by V-MODA depends on the specific model that you choose. Almost all headphone models are equipped with features like a detachable cable for storage, a microphone that can be muted with the click of a button, and noise-isolation functionality designed to keep ambient sounds from affecting the audio that you are listening to. With the inclusion of in-line controls for the microphone, you will be able to adjust the headphones' volume, change song tracks when listening to music, and complete a variety of other tasks directly from the system. Many V-MODA sets include leather cushions that allow for additional padding while a large number of these devices are equipped with such features as adjustable bands, deep bass for low notes, replaceable ear pads, playback controls, noise cancellation, and surround sound.

Which colors do these V-MODA headphones come in?

These headphones come in a variety of colors, the majority of which consist of a solid black construction. Another common color is an all-white design. A large number of these models are also silver and red while a small selection come in gray, pink, green, gold, and purple.

What are the different V-MODA earpiece types to select from?
  • Earbuds: These headphone models allow you to place small buds directly into your ear, without any other equipment attached to your head, allowing you to listen to music or some other type of audio with the sounds sent directly to your ear canal.
  • Ear cups: This over-the-ear design is a common type of V-MODA headphone and is identified by the presence of a headband and cups that fit directly over your ears.
  • In-ear canal: These are very similar to the standard buds, although the main difference is that earbuds are placed at the center of your outer ear while in-ear canal models sit inside the ear canal.
  • Ear pad: This type of V-MODA system is similar in nature to ear cups, with the primary difference being that the headphone ear cups are situated over the entirety of your ears while the ear pad design rests on the ear.