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First launched in October of 2002, PINK is a product line from Victorias Secret. Though the product line varies broadly from accessories to clothing and more, many items are characterized by the signature "PINK" word appearing somewhere on the clothing in a collegiate-style font. The company later expanded the PINK brand by partnering with many colleges and professional sports franchises.

What types of clothing are included in the PINK line?

The PINK product line offers a wide selection of clothing types. Choices include:

  • Hoodies and sweaters: Long-sleeved hoodies will have drawstrings for the hood, and they may come with either a zipper and pockets or no zipper and a front pouch. Pull-over sweaters usually feature a half zipper and no pockets. Crew-style sweatshirts are also available.
  • Intimate apparel: Bras may come with or without underwire, and they include styles such as push-ups, racerbacks, and sports bras. Panties are available in a variety of patterns and colors, and style types include hipsters, V-strings, and boy shorts.
  • Swimwear: Bathing suits are available in both one-piece and two-piece styles. Numerous style and color combinations are possible.
  • Shirts and tops: Shirt and top variations include T-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, and tunics.

What accessories does this product line have?

You can find several different accessories from this brand line, including:

  • Bags, backpacks, and duffel bags
  • Shoes, slides, and socks
  • Phone cases and other tech accessories
  • Hats and towels
  • Luggage and fanny packs

Is all the clothing in this brand pink in color?

While some signature products within the line are offered in the signature color, PINK clothing and accessories are available in a wide range of colors. For example, college-branded and professional sports team wear will feature the specific colors of that university or team. Usually, no fewer than two colors will appear on any product. That is one solid color for the majority of the items and a different color to contrast the PINK branding.

Does this brand line offer beauty products and toiletries?

Victorias Secret offers many different beauty products within their PINK product line. For your shower or bath, you can choose from body wash, bath salts, bath bombs, and colorful loofas. For after-bathing skin care, theres lotion, body balm, body mist, and body oil as well as body cream and hand cream. To attend to the face and lips, this product line has a variety of different face masks and lip balms, oils, and scrubs. Within the beauty line, youll find a range of fragrances across product types to suit your style. For example, you can coordinate the fragrance of your body mist with your lotion, or you can mix and match.

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