Vintage Watches

Rock the Retro Look With Vintage Wristwatches

Vintage wristwatches are a great way to tell the time and do so in an excellent style. These vintage watches are an example of when utility meets fashion. So if you want a retro accessory that serves a useful practical purpose, an inexpensive vintage watch might be just the thing for you.

Which companies manufactured these vintage watches?

Thankfully, if you are interested in purchasing a vintage watch, you have plenty of variety in terms of the watchmaker who created watches of this kind. Bulova is one choice, and you will find a number of different vintage Bulova watches to enjoy. Many of the vintage watches made by Bulova have a more square watch head, so this is something to consider when you are browsing vintage watches from this company.

OMEGA is another prominent watchmaker that produced watches that are now considered vintage OMEGA watches. Vintage watches made by OMEGA often have a more circular watch head, so perhaps this suits your style better than a square watch head. Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker and another one that has produced vintage watches. Vintage Swatch watches usually have a clear watch head. Hamilton is another well-known company, and vintage Hamilton watches are typically quite durable. You will find that any vintage watch made by any one of these companies is reliable and typically made well.

How else can I refine my search for vintage wristwatches?

Quite a few factors can make one kind of vintage wristwatch very different from another. One of these factors is the movement of the wristwatch. The movement of the wristwatch is determined by the mechanism used to power it and make it work. The main three categories of wristwatch movement are a hand-winding mechanical system, an automatic mechanical system, and a quartz automatic system. Mechanical movement means that the watch hands sweep across the time measurements. In contrast, the quartz movement involves an individual tick of the watch hands for each second.

Do the majority of vintage wristwatches use an analog clock to tell time?

Yes. Most vintage wristwatches utilize an analog clock and tell you the time in this way.

Are there vintage wristwatches with digital clocks?

Yes. You will find that there are many new and used vintage wristwatches on eBay that use digital clocks to tell time. You might like this if you prefer digital clocks.