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Entertainment Wall Units and TV Stands

Flat-screen TV stands allow you to create many different storage options for an entertainment wall in your home. A wall unit doesn't have to be a standalone entertainment center. You can combine a TV stand with storage to find the perfect fit for your living room wall.

What wall units are available?

Modern wall units can float your television seamlessly in a room. Wood, wood veneer, glass, oak, and metal are all materials you can choose from for your entertainment center. Options range from simple TV units and TV stands to built-in storage shelves with sleek floating or hanging designs. Here are some of your options:

  • A modular wall unit that mixes different sizes of cabinets, doors, and TV unit displays.
  • An entertainment unit with shelves that float near your TV unit and audio system.
  • Glass and metal media furniture with a clean, sleek appearance. Metal is also useful for heavier TVs.
  • Minimalist consoles and plain wall designs that fit in any type of living room.
  • Hidden door hardware that eliminates door pulls and handles for storage.
What are some designs for traditional entertainment centers?

Traditional media center options are made from wood. Oak, cherry, pine, and walnut are among the types of finish in traditional entertainment centers and decorative cabinets. There are also wood finishes and cabinetry designs with a colonial look if you want something that blends in with more natural decor. Glass-front cabinets that hold devices, curios, collectibles, and china are another viable option. Units with doors that conceal your television are worth considering if you don't want the television to be your room's focal point.

What is a transitional entertainment center or wall unit?

A transitional wall unit can refer to the intended use of a living room or other room center for electronics and media storage. Some transitional units combine a library, office supplies, equipment, entertainment screens, and gaming products. Transitional can also refer to the appearance of entertainment furnishings that combine traditional and contemporary elements for media storage.

How do you choose a TV stand?

The size and type of your flat screen TV will influence the type of stand size and material you choose. A small, lightweight flat screen can easily be placed on a stand. Larger, heavier flat screen TVs require sturdier and heavier metal mounts and built-in framing. Also, it's important to note how high you want your TV to be and choose a stand that will give you the necessary height.