Wesco Boots for Men


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Wesco Boots for Men

Each pair of Wesco men's boots is made of full-grain leather and each boot adheres to the brand's rigorous standards of quality. Many of these boots can be personalized according to the buyer's specifications.

What styles of men's boots does Wesco offer?

The company creates boots that are designed to be suitable for various activities, such as logging and firefighting. Whatever your needs might be, you may find a Wesco boot to suit your activity. Some of the different types are described below:

  • Oxfords: Wesco's line of boots includes oxford-style. They are constructed of boot-grade leather, and they are equipped with features that ensure longevity, like hard toes and specialized shoemaking clinching nails.
  • Slip-on boots: The brand's slip-on style boots feature rolled leather tops.
  • Lace-up work boots: Wesco offers many styles of men's lace-up work boots. These versatile options are designed to be industrial strength. They also have a number of details ranging from paddock styling to under-slung heels.
  • Motorcycle boots: Wesco's classic motorcycle boots are to be comfortable and worn on the road. Some come with harnesses while others have a simpler silhouette. These boots come in heights ranging from 8 inches to 38 inches, ensuring that men of all sizes and needs can find a pair for them.
  • Western boots: Wesco's Western-style boots are distinguished by clean lines.
  • Forestry boots: Wesco designed boots that would be suitable for loggers. They are equipped with details designed to keep you safe and comfortable while dealing with heavy equipment and steep terrains.
  • Fire-Resistant boots: The brand's fire-resistant boots are designed to help protect firefighters from the heat of fire. They have Vibram 100F lug soles and Kevlar uppers.
Which sizes are Wesco boots available in?

Wesco boots are available in a wide variety of men's sizes ranging from 3 to 16, with half sizes available for sizes between 3 and 14. These boots also come in a number of widths, which include the following:

  • AAA
  • AA
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • EE
  • EEE
What are some additional features that Wesco boots have?

Most Wesco boots come with the features listed below:

  • Full leather gussets: The tops of these boots have full leather gussets folded over multiple times to help provide shin protection.
  • Full leather heel: This type of heel gives the base of the boot resiliance.
  • Steel shanks: Wesco uses steel to make shanks to provide comfort and support.