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WizKids is a New Jersey-based company that creates and manufactures boardgames and card-based games. While initially the company only created miniature war games, its repertoire has expanded to include games of almost all types. WizKids focuses on making tabletop games that are driven by your imagination.

What kinds of games does WizKids produce?

WizKids offers a wide array of imagination-driven games. In addition to collectible miniature games and collectible dice games, WizKid has these categories of boxed strategy games.

  • Adventure System games
  • Board games
  • HeroClix strategy games
  • Boxed dice games
  • Dice building games
  • Card games
How can you learn to play WizKids games?

The various WizKids boardgames and card games will typically come with extensive manuals that help newcomers to easily learn the rules and understand how the gameplay should flow.

What is a booster pack?

Booster packs are add-ons that are available for titles such as HeroClix and other collectible games. They contain a random assortment of useful figures or cards to add to your collection and make your deck or team more varied and possibly more powerful.

Are WizKids games kid-friendly?

Yes. Most WizKids titles are considered kid-friendly as they do not include obscene language, graphic violence, or sexual content. However, some titles have more complex rules than others. If you're unsure, check the recommended age range for the title you're considering.

What are some WizKids games themes?

WizKids games are often based on elements of pop culture, such as movies, books, TV shows, comic books, role-playing games, and more. Some examples are:

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • The Expanse
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Justice League
  • Hunger Games
  • X-Men
  • Star Trek
What are some WizKids card games?

WizKids card games come in a variety of themes. Each game can have a different play style and length of gameplay. A few examples are:

  • Deadline: Take on the role of a hard-boiled detective, gather clues, and solve a mystery.
  • The Banishing: Work together to cast spells and send the undead back to the void.
  • Fantasy Realm: Choose your strategy, ranging from military tactics to sorcery, and compete to build the strongest realm in the world.
  • Pirates of the Spanish Main: Shuffling the Deck Card Game: In this fast-paced game, discover what ships other players control and plunder their booty.
  • Yummy World: Party at Picnic Palace: Collect sets of Yummy World characters to score the rarest cards.
  • Tournament at Camelot: Fight to the death in this game for three to six players. Weapons include arrows, swords, deception, sorcery, and alchemy.