Womens Faux Leather Corsets and Bustiers

Womens corsets and bustiers are not only undergarments and shapewear but also gorgeous pieces of clothing to be celebrated, highlighted, and made a vital part of a fashion-forward wardrobe as outerwear or club styles. Wear them on their own or let them peek out from a sheer blouse or unbuttoned jacket. From Victorian femininity to punk, gothic, and steampunk sensuality and from black leather to satin, these fashions are too bodacious to be hidden underneath clothing and are great choices for party wear, streetwear, and high-fashion looks.

What is the difference between a corset and bustier?

The corset and the bustier are undergarments that often fasten at the front with hooks and eyes and lace up the back, and they are often boned, with contemporary boning being usually being crafted from mesh. The former is designed to give a smooth line to the torso, from waist to bust, while the latter is crafted to emphasize, as the name suggests, a womans breasts and to emphasize cleavage. Both garments are widely available in faux leather options for a sexy, stylish look. Some garments incorporate both elements, such as a steampunk-look faux leather bustier with corset fastenings and the contemporary addition of the zipper.

What can you wear with a bustier or corset?

When it comes to wearing beautiful leather, faux leather, and brocade garments, you are limited only by your imagination. The faux leather corset, corset top, and underbust look pairs naturally with retro and contemporary styles. Here are just a few ideas to get you going:

  • For a goth feel, pair an underbust corset, long skirt, and ankle boots.
  • Go retro-Victorian with an overbust piece, flowing skirt, and boots.
  • Punk gets wild with a corset, black leather body harness, black jeans, and boots.
  • Steampunk get steamy with a brown leather steampunk corset, vintage dress, and ankle boots.
  • For a glamorous night out, team a faux leather corset dress with stilettos or over-the-knee boots.
Which sizes do faux leather and leather lingerie come in?

Sensuality, beauty, and flair know no limits. You can find a fantastic selection of styles of vintage looks and steampunk style and accessories in an incredible array of sizes. The sizes offered include juniors, regular, petites, and plus.

Which kind of accessories work with bustiers and corsets?

Try adding leather body belts, waist cinchers, garters, neck harnesses, and bell waist cinchers to complement and pull together your ensemble for a totally unique look.