Women's Fishing Waders

Womens Fishing Waders

When you wear fishing waders, you can head into deeper waters. This could let you access parts of a lake, river, or ocean that you couldnt otherwise reach. Waders are designed to be light so that you can move around comfortably.

What are some features of womens waders?
  • Fit: Waders designed for women can accommodate their hips and chest area while fitting their more petite areas like waists. Some have adjustable waists. The pant area is usually baggy so its more breathable.
  • Material: Different types of material could be used. Nylon and polyester are quick to dry, lightweight, and durable. Theyre also somewhat breathable so women can stay cool. Theyre usually coated with GORE-TEX or another waterproof material. Alternatively, you could find waders made out of neoprene. Neoprene is warm, waterproof, and flexible. Other products might be made using rubber or PVC.
  • Grip: Waders that include boots should be able to reduce the likelihood of slipping on wet surfaces. You can find foot areas with rubber soles, more durable hiking soles, felt soles, and studded felt soles. Rubber can be used in muddy marshes. Hiking soles can be used for those who might be walking on land while wearing their gear. Felt soles provide traction while wading across slick surfaces, and studded felt can enhance traction.
What types of womens waders are there?
  • Hip: These are more like extra tall boots. They are good for hot weather, smaller streams, shallow water, and whenever you need a light, portable option. They can be used while fly fishing from shore, wading a few feet in, or even while launching a boat.
  • Waist: Since they extend up to your waist, they can protect your entire leg from the water. They come with belt loops but can also be held up with suspenders. If the river or body of water is somewhat deep, this could offer the protection you need.
  • Chest: These provide the most coverage for women. They extend all the way to your chest and are held up with suspenders. The foot area could contain a built-in boot, or it could have more of a stocking. The stockings are waterproof but soft, so you can wear your own boots over them.
What are some brands of womens fishing waders?
  • Cabelas: They make a number of products for women. This includes waders with neoprene stockingfoot booties, felt soles, and camouflage waders with lug or hiking soles.
  • Redington: Redington makes the Womens Sonic-Pro. It has a waterproof stretch fabric, a flip-out chest pocket that can be closed with a zipper, and fleece-lined hand warmer pockets. Redington also makes chest waders that can be converted into waist-high ones. This can be helpful, for example, if youre fly fishing and moving around to different level waters.
  • Simms: The Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot is also convertible and has a scalloped opening where it fits higher on the chest and lower on the back. The chest pocket on this Simms version has microfleece lining, and the elastic 1.5-inch suspenders can be used for either chest-high or waist-high use.