Women's Scarves & Wraps

Women's Scarves and Wraps

Women’s scarves and wraps can be perennial favourites. A scarf may be used for warmth, but it can also dress up an outfit. A wrap is also one of the most versatile accessories a woman can own.

What style of silk scarf is available for women?

A silk scarf can add texture and colour to an outfit. A well-made silk scarf with a classic design will serve you and your wardrobe for many years. Prints, colours, styles, and sizes are infinitely varied. Some options you might consider are animal prints, such as leopard. Rather than an animal print, you may choose to showcase a specific animal. Birds might be an example. Florals can be used on silk scarves, too, such as Gucci’s GG Blooms Skinny scarf. Burberry’s Giant Check Print scarf offers geometric patterns. Perhaps you're more of a checks or stripes person, or you prefer the simplicity of a solid silk wrap. More styles include large or small squares, rectangles, or an infinity loop.

What style of fringe scarf is available for women?

Fringe scarves come in bold colours, prints, and various patterns. If you're looking for an evening wrap, you might consider a lacy burn-out style that's sheer with velvet burn-outs and finished with long, knotted fringes. The gaucho look showcases the fringe's features. Some of the cold weather Tartan scarves will be finished with a simple continuation of the plaid fabric. An example of a fringe scarf is the Women Fashion Lightweight Lace Fringe scarf.

What's the difference between a wrap and a shawl?

A wrap is a nondescript term that's used interchangeably to refer to any type of scarf, stole, or shawl. A shawl, on the other hand, is a definitively large piece of fabric that's used to cover the shoulders. It may be triangular, square, or rectangular. Additionally, it may be worn more for fashion than function, but a shawl is often a welcome part of the wardrobe when the temperatures drop.

What is available in the warm scarf category for women?

Within the warm material distinction, there are many sub-categories. For instance, there are fur and faux-fur scarves available. Cashmere and wool are also available. Pashmina is a type of wool that can be used to make shawls. There are also blend options available for certain varieties. You may decide on an acrylic or a knit to keep the chill out, too.

Are wraps made from cashmere?

Wraps, or shawls in this case, come in virtually all conceivable fabrics. They are designed to be large enough to wrap around your shoulders. Some examples of cashmere wraps are the Caslon Dip Dye cashmere wrap and the White + Warren Travel Stripe cashmere wrap.