Xyratex Enterprise Storage Disk Arrays

When you need to have large amounts of data storage, having a storage disk array that can keep all of your data in one place is a functional way to keep it all organized. Besides the organizational benefits, there are often easy backup utilities that can be used to secure your data as well as reserve sources of power in order to avoid a devastating loss of power while the drives are in operation. Using a storage disk array is a simple task and one that can pay dividends for years in terms of saved time and effort.

Do Xyratex RAID systems draw power from external supplies?

The inside of the enclosure integrates the power and data cables for each of the Seagate storage cartridges attached to it. You can then run the Xyratex storage array from an external supply. However, if you run sensitive enterprise server systems, then you can also attach your Seagate storage array to an uninterrupted power supply or something similar in order to provide emergency backup power should the power fail. This will almost eliminate the risk that any files stored in the cloud would suffer data corruption due to power loss.

Which file structures can fit on Xyratex storage systems?

You could, theoretically, use any storage solutions your underlying system software supports. Linux server administrators might want to use ext2, while those administering FreeBSD or Solaris machines might shy away from it. Different systems use different storage platforms, so Xyratex was careful to provide support for a wide array of enterprise-class solutions. You might want to format your Seagate platters with any of the following data structures:

  • Btrfs
  • UFS
  • XFS
  • NTFS
  • ext4
Which platforms did Seagate rate Xyratex storage technology for?

Seagate ensures that all Xyratex solutions are neutral because some customers run many virtual machines from a single storage unit. You could boot a Linux implementation into memory from a Seagate disk and then start loading virtual machines that boot individual customer operating systems from different sectors of the Xyratex array. This is a way to offer Seagate storage to people using Windows, OpenIndiana, and NetBSD at the same time. You can also configure supercomputers in a similar way so that you'll be able to run multiple virtual machines regardless of what the underlying metal hardware is doing.

Do Seagate Xyratex storage disks support partitions?

You can partition the storage capacity on any Seagate array you create with a networked caddy. If you're using an enterprise-class graphical testing subsystem, then you can view all partitions in an array from a Windows workstation or an X terminal. Some remote administrators use mobile devices to oversee their equipment without having to visit any datacenters. You can decide which type of partition table to write to your modular storage solutions when you first perform a mid-level format on them.

Does Xyratex equipment protect against head crashes?

Xyratex networked storage supports full mirroring, so you're protected against head crashes and other physical maladies. Your data should remain consistent despite a serious issue. That being said, the opportunities for this kind of problem are rare because of how stable the equipment is. You'll more than likely never have to deal with crash conditions.

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