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Choosing Women's Tracksuits and Sweats

Tracksuits have been a classic piece of apparel for decades. Initially made out of a polyester blend in bright bold colors, these tracksuits sport their famous three stripes down the pant leg as well as the arms. Today, many see adidas as not only a reliable athletic brand but also a fashionable powerhouse for athletic wear.

What Styles of Tracksuits and Sweats Are There?

  • Pants and Jacket set.Women's tracksuits that include both pants and a track jacket are no doubt an iconic piece of athletic clothing. These tracksuits feature the classic three stripes. Some of the jackets feature a hoodie as well.
  • Leggings and tights.Leggings are all encompassing, including regular cotton leggings for lounging to compression wear and running tights. Compression leggings aid in circulation. Additionally, running tights serve the same purpose, in that they decrease movement restriction, but still keep your body warm and well circulated. Other leggings can work for light workouts, yoga or everyday wear.
  • Shorts.adidas also designed great women's shorts for sports such as soccer, basketball and running with all the features an athlete would be looking for.
  • Joggers.This style of pant has recently become popular and is a modern take on a traditional sweatpant look. While the brand still makes the baggier version, joggers are a slimmed down, skinnier pant. Designed to be worn either scrunched around the calf or full leg, these are great for pre- and post-workouts as well as running around town.
  • Sweatshirts.There is a variety of sweatshirt styles including traditional crewnecks, hoodies, and zip-up sweatshirts. Many of these styles sport the trademark trefoil symbol of this brand, along with the three stripes. There are several styles that are functional and useful when working out or playing a sport, but many have also become fashion statements, with both floral patterns and rhinestones featured on them.
  • Jackets.Women's jackets can be not only functional but fashionable. Made in a variety of styles, they serve to keep the chill at bay as well as protect from varying weather conditions. They also have features such as hoodies, pockets, and vents.

What Materials Are These Tracksuits and Sweats Made Of?

  • Polyester.All the brand's tracksuits and many of their athletic pants are made of this breathable polyester.
  • French terry.Many women's sweats are made of French terry that provide the warmth and softness.
  • Nylon.Many women's jackets are made of nylon which is great for wind protection.
  • Fleece.Jackets, sweats and various layers are made of a soft fleece.

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