Polyurethane Condoms and Contraceptives

Polyurethane condoms and other contraceptives are different than latex. Theyre plastic, providing an option for those who are allergic to latex condoms. Knowing the benefits of polyurethane will provide you with a greater sensation.

What are the various options available?

Its important to explore a birth control method to avoid pregnancy. Further, you want to prevent STDs. There are a few options for you to explore, used by either the male or the female.

  • Condoms: Condoms are used over the penis. Female condoms can also be used to create a barrier.
  • Foam: Foam is used to kill sperm before it reaches the cervix.
  • Sponge: Used by women to cover the cervix during sex. There is also spermicide in order to kill the sperm.
What are the benefits of polyurethane?

There are quite a few benefits of using polyurethane condoms over latex condoms. As non-latex condoms, they provide more pleasure during sex due to several factors:

  • Thinner: The extra thin design provides greater sensation for both partners.
  • No smell: There is minimal odor in comparison to latex.
  • Not damaged by oil-based product: Lube and other oil-based products wont break down the condom.
  • Contraceptive: Youre able to block transmitted diseases due to the plastic material.
What are the different features of condoms?

You can buy non latex condoms with a lot of different features. This can add even more pleasure to the act itself. In some instances, there might be more than one feature included in a pack. Variety packs are also available, allowing you to sample multiple features to see which ones you like the most.

  • Ultra-sensitive: The material is thinner, providing extra feeling.
  • Lubricated: Additional lubricant will make it easier for penetration.
  • Latex-free: The lack of latex ensures there are no allergic reactions.
  • Ribbed: A unique design on the material adds more fun for the partner.
How do you shop for polyurethane condoms?

When you shop for a condom, its important to look at details beyond the non latex. It will allow you to navigate the different styles. You can also decide if you want condoms or another form of birth control.

  • Size: The size of the penis needs to be taken into consideration when buying male condoms.
  • Features: Find out what features are included in the type you buy.
  • Pack size: Look to see how many are in a pack.
  • Brand: Trojan and other brands provide polyurethane condoms.